Dr. Cindy Waters is Advancing the Science and Practice of Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing

waters-in-labDr. Cynthia K. Waters, an assistant professor in N.C. A&T’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, is joining researchers at UNC Charlotte and NC State University as they pursue work covered under a UNC System grant for Advancing the Science and Practice of Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing.

The three institutions have an opportunity to lead the nation in the adoption of additive manufacturing (a 3-D printing-based manufacturing process) by supporting companies as they transition from traditional manufacturing to 3-D printing-based manufacturing. The project brings together experts across the three institutions to develop new, metal-based manufacturing methods with a goal of establishing North Carolina as the pre-eminent U.S. center of expertise for these processes. The funds provide equipment in addition to faculty and graduate student support which allows for advances in N.C. A&T’s research reputation in addition to impacting the education of students.

Dr. Waters work has been centered around powder metallurgy and now the role of the powder metals in the 3D processes that build parts through additive manufacturing. Waters and her graduate students work with metal alloy compounds which are 3-D printed with a binder jet process and then infiltrated. On this project she will be providing detailed characterization and testing of the pre and post manufactured parts. Her other collaborations with various national DOE labs (Oak Ridge National Labs, Y12 National Security Complex, Savannah River Labs and Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies) center around research and design of metal-based additive manufacturing. She is also a part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s new Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program (MSIPP), a consortium program organized to build a sustainable STEM pipeline between DOE plants and laboratories and HBCUs.

Earlier in 2016, Dr. Waters was selected by The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) as its Zone II Outstanding Campus Representative. The award honors local campus representatives who have achieved excellence in their roles as supporters of the Society.