Dr. Kaushik Roy Pursuing Multiple Cybersecurity Research Efforts at N.C. A&T

Kaushik Roy, an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering, is moving forward on simultaneous fronts to further N.C. A&T’s influence in the fields of artificial intelligence, cyber identity and cybersecurity.


Kaushik Roy Pic 2Roy was recently appointed interim co-director of the university’s new Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity Research, Education, and Outreach (CREO). With fellow faculty member and interim co-director Belinda Shipps, Roy and university leadership welcomed public officials, faculty members, students and a statewide cybersecurity organization to an October kick-off and ribbon cutting for the Center.

The center is inclusive and interdisciplinary in nature, bridging innovative research, intensive training and the mission to increase awareness of solutions to cybersecurity-related challenges. The kickoff coincided with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, bringing people together for discussions on the importance of cybersecurity and potential opportunities in the field.

Student Involvement in Research

Dr. Roy has developed trust and comradery with a large number of students, many of whom take his classes, work in his labs and support his research. At any given time, Roy has numerous students presenting masters theses and defending dissertations. He guides them in their research pursuits, journal publications and conference participation. Several of the active grants under his supervision accommodate support for students. He was also the advisor to the student who received the Outstanding Thesis Award in 2019.

Active Research Grants

Dr. Roy is Principal Investigator for an NSF-funded Excellence in Research grant, titled Computational Framework and Data Science for Identification. Having commenced this fall, the three-year collaboration with Winston-Salem State University involves Roy in addition to Drs. Albert Esterline and Xiaohong (Dorothy) Yuan.

The project aims to enhance research capabilities in identity and data science and technology; Identity is an emerging critical research field thanks in part to the digitization of life and accompanying threats. Data science helps to locate new opportunities for identifying and verifying persons in both cyberspace and the physical world for such tasks as authentication and intrusion detection.

Another project, funded by Cisco Systems, Incorporated, is titled Data Science-Enabled and Secure Framework for Connected IoT Devices. IoT, or Internet of Things, defined as the convergence of IT networks plus operational technology and smart objects, is meant to create new opportunities and improve quality of life for people. Anomaly detection, a vital aspect of analyzing data, is a crucial challenge to be addressed in this study, which will use deep-learning approaches.

In its final phase, a Defense University Research Instrumentation Program award, funded by Army Research Office, involves a biometric testbed to support NCAT’s biometric and cyber identity research and education. The testbed promotes advanced and interdisciplinary research in biometrics, cybersecurity, computer vision, machine learning (deep learning), big data analytics and data science.

Dr. Roy joined N.C. A&T in 2013 after completing his masters and PhD work at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He directs the university’s Cyber Identity and Biometrics (CIB) lab which promotes advanced and interdisciplinary research on cyber identity, biometrics, machine learning and data science. There are currently 18 student members in Roy’s lab, pursuing undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.