Dr. Luster-Teasley Partners with Triad Growth Partners to Leverage Research

Dr. Stephanie Luster-Teasley’s research involves chemical oxidation, water and wastewater treatment and remediation. Her patented RemRx™ treatment technology supports the sustainability efforts of Triad Growth Partners (TGP) in Greensboro. TGP is developing innovative solutions for the $60 billion remediation market to decrease cost, increase efficacy and restore water and land in a sustainable manner. AxNano (the technology development group of TGP) is designing these advanced solutions as part of Luster-Teasley’s RemRx™ treatment technologies platform. RemRx™ brings together advanced technologies to create proprietary and highly tunable products that safely address the needs of global development leaders and industry looking for sustainable solutions.

Dr. Stephanie Luster-Teasley With Friends From Triad Growth Partners