CERT Emerges as STEM Leader in Guilford County

The Center for Energy Research and Technology (CERT) at North Carolina A&T State University has been awarded a $300k National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to create a pathway to the STEM workforce for minorities and women. The NSF funding is for a CERT-created program called EMERGE in STEM, which stands for Education for Minorities to Effectively Raise Graduation and Employment in STEM. It will offer STEM-related career exposure to Guilford County students in grades 4-12.

Through EMERGE in STEM, CERT will work closely with Guilford County schools and a large network of private, governmental and educational institutions to meet the objectives of the program. An EMERGE in STEM website (www.EMERGEinSTEM.org) will serve as the hub to provide information and a calendar of events throughout the year, both in and out-of-school, to parents, children, educators, public and private entities about STEM opportunities. The expectation is to have hundreds of organizations linked to the network, with volunteers from most STEM-oriented industry and entrepreneurial partners in Guilford County.

Learning Blade, a game-based software, will be one mechanism to provide both STEM science/technology/engineering/math lessons to students, as well as knowledge of exciting and fulfilling jobs in the STEM workforce. The EMERGE in STEM funding will provide the Learning Blade software to Guilford County schools at no cost, having been shown to significantly improve student interest in STEM careers in other school systems.

The EMERGE in STEM program will be led by Dr. Greg Monty, Director of CERT.  It aspires to be the go-to STEM program and website for Guilford County by the end of the pilot in December 2019.