COAACH Receives $2 Million Grant from Merck Foundation

The Center for Outreach in Alzheimer’s, Aging and Community Health (COAACH), a university-sponsored Center addressing literacy, care management, training and research in Alzheimer’s and other aging related diseases such as diabetes, announced it has been awarded a $2 million grant from the Merck Foundation to expand the capacity, operations and sustainability of the Center. Merck’s financial support will extend COAACH’s ability to solidify local and state-level partnerships, educate and engage North Carolina’s most vulnerable populations and create a sustainable model for community-based support.

dr-goldie-byrd-researchBuilding upon a 2013 gift from Merck, which helped to establish the Center, this latest financial commitment will enable COAACH to establish a Caregiver College to extend education opportunities, implement a Lay Health Advisor Model of Care to broaden outreach into underserved patient and caregiver populations, and create a Family Navigation Program to augment its early detection and care management programs.

“The Center is extremely grateful to the Merck Foundation for its ongoing support to this university, but more importantly to the aging residents and caregivers in North Carolina who need and deserve our support,” said Dr. Goldie Byrd, the Center’s interim director. “With Merck’s continued financial participation, we are able to build upon past success, and further impact education and outreach, community engaged research and health policy in North Carolina.”